Bath Salts Make People Act Like Zombie Cannibals

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bath salts

Have you heard about the newest designer drug on the market? It’s called “Bath Salts”, and it contains Mephedrone and MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone), stimulants which are very much like methamphetamine and cocaine but with one added (and very dangerous) thing: hallucinations. It goes by names such as Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning, Hurricane Charlie, Vanilla Sky, Charge, and White Knight, and it can be injected, snorted, or smoked. Here’s the kicker: the biggest consumers are teens and young adults because these drugs are available on the Internet, at convenience stores, and even at supermarkets!! Drug manufacturers feel that it is o.k to put this stuff out on the shelves because it’s written on the label that it’s not for human consumption.

Some of the side effects of this new drug are: elevated heart rate, hypertension, irritability, extreme paranoia, delusions of super-human strength and invincibility, hallucinations, suicide, aggressive and violent behavior, and possibly even murder.

Want to know exactly how this drug makes you act?

-Rudy Eugene, a 31 year old man from Miami, ate most of a homeless man’s face over the Memorial day weekend. Seriously. When police found him, he displayed symptoms of being high on “Bath Salts”, including taking off his clothes because apparently when you’re high it feels like your insides are baking. He attacked Ronald Poppo, a 65 year old man. Police ordered him to stand off, but he refused. He became very agitated, and started toward the policemen while growling at them with a piece of flesh hanging from the side of his mouth. That piece of flesh was a part of Ronals Poppo’s face. The police had to shoot several rounds of bullets his way before finally taking him down.

-A homeless man from Miami, Brandon DeLeon, approached two police officers who were eating at a restaurant a just a few nights ago. He began yelling obscenities and harassing them. When he couldn’t be calmed down, the officers took him into custody. After being put in a cell, he started banging his head on the cell bars, growling, and he even tried to bite off a police officer’s hand.


Rudy Eugene (left) and Ronald Poppo (right)

Apparently, this has become a huge problem among the homeless population in the past few weeks. The arresting officers of Brandon DeLeon issued a safety bulletin  warning their colleagues:

“It was later discovered DeLeon had taken a synthetic drug named Cloud 9. This bears resemblance to the incident that occurred in the City of Miami last week when a male ate another man’s face. Please be careful when dealing with our homeless population during your patrols.”

Kinda sounds like the beginning of a zombie movie. 

Even more scary is that standard hospital procedures are not effective in treating overdoses of this new drug. They are extremely addictive, making people want to take more even after being taken to the emergency room with psychotic episodes brought on by delusions of super-human strength and hallucinations. When people are in similar situations from meth or cocaine, Valium is administered, but in the case of “Bath Salts”, this does not result in a positive response. Even when patients come out of the sedated state, they often revert back into their psychosis, and the worst part is that the effects of “Bath Salts” could be permanent. It is extremely toxic and could cause permanent brain damage. Because it is so new, research has to be done to determine the long-tern side effects and how to effectively sedate a person who is high on ‘Bath Salts.”

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